Melbourne stands tall amongst the cities of the world that have attractions to appeal to all types of people around the globe. So when you are finally planning day tours melbourne to this city of marvelousness, you would want to get all the best of it. It is much better to research and plan your trip so that you can choose and decide on everything that you want to do and visit all the places that appeal to your own self.  Because there are so many places to visit and experiences to enjoy, here is a list of the best five things to do in Melbourne.

Explore the Markets

You’re not seeking all the fun that comes with tourism if you’re not visiting the markets. The markets carry the essence of a place and when your travel destination is Melbourne, you wouldn’t want to miss out on this experience of the shopping hub of Australia. The hottest market of Melbourne has to be the Queen Victoria Market with so much to offer, ranging from local produce to souvenirs, to both locals and tourists. Save time for Wednesday night if you want to enjoy some live music, food and other entertainments. These nights go under the title of Suzuki Night Market. To enjoy art and creativity, visit the Esplanade Market in St Kilda. This market looks absolutely stunning for it is located along the line of palm trees of St Kilda.

Art Galleries and Museums

Melbourne is a city with flourishing art, providing a ride through history and culture. Home to a vast number of pieces, The National Gallery Victoria offers a rich experience with all the indigenous and Australian artwork. Then there is the Melbourne museum which again offers splendid exhibits of the past and history, including dinosaurs!

City Circle Tram

Introduced in 1994, the City Circle tram is a famous tourist ride which offers a ride around Melbourne. The tram runs around the entire city all day long and thus stands as one of the cheapest and easiest ways to go sightseeing. The City Circle tram provides details of the major landmarks and attractions including the Melbourne Aquarium, Princess Theatre, City Museum, Docklands and much more. You can witness the beauty of Melbourne through a different light at the famous Melbourne Star.

The Suburbs

While the city has so much to offer, you must plan a day to visit the outskirts of Melbourne. The outskirts offer beautiful scenery through the wineries, beaches and gardens. The Yarra Valley is home to lush wineries that offer tours, food and wine tasting. Macedon Ranges and DaylesFord offer exhilarating experiences through the historical sites and scenic views, making it worth going for relaxation.

Melbourne Zoo

Do not miss out on the adrenaline-charged wildlife experiences that Melbourne has to offer. A visit to the Melbourne Zoo should be on every tourists list. A renowned world-class facility, the Melbourne Zoo offers the best ride through nature in terms of the wide range of animals, the lush greens and ecstatic rainforests.