Checking the neighborhood where the rental apartment is located is not only useful for avoiding Airbnb scams . Thanks to the map in the adverts, in fact, we will be able to understand if the apartment is in a good position to reach the city center on foot, the services in the surrounding area and if there are connections with public transport within easy reach.

We read all the reviews
Among the tips to book a holiday home on AirbnB avoiding unpleasant surprises we can certainly read all the reviews. Feedback from other users helps us to understand if the photos of the house are true, if the location of the apartment is comfortable compared to the rest of the city but also if the host is available and kind or not. Attention also to the hosts who have no reviews : maybe they are new on the platform and they are reliable but being the first guinea pig may not be a positive experience.

In some cities, especially large capitals such as Paris, London or Madrid, finding the apartment that suits us on Airbnb will be anything but simple. For this reason, once you have entered the dates and the number of people who will take part in the trip, we’d better use one of the many filters on the Airbnb portal. Through the filters we can choose whether to display only holiday homes below an average price, or only apartments with specific services (swimming pools, whirlpools, balconies, etc.). Filters are the best way to not waste too much time and find the right home on Airbnb.

Check the rules of the city you travel to
As mentioned, based on the city in which we travel, we can also find the tourist tax, which we will have to give in contacts on arrival or departure. To prevent the host from taking advantage of our lack of knowledge about the tourist tax applied by a certain city, before booking, we spend a few minutes to inform ourselves online how much the daily tourist tax is in the place where we intend to spend our holidays.