For many, it has now become a fixture when booking holidays online . After some initial uncertainty, in fact, Airbnb has been able to carve out a role of primary importance in the low cost travel market: if you are looking for a holiday home instead of a hotel, the portal created in San Francisco in August 2008 is our first option. A success that is the result of a business model that is as simple as it is effective: with Airbnb anyone can create an ad to rent a room or their home. And of course anyone can look for a vacation home in any city in the world.

In other words, Airbnb seems all roses and flowers, but there are some aspects to check before renting a house with your eyes closed. We are not just talking about the reviews of our host , that is, the landlord. Of course, feedback from other travelers is essential to understand what awaits us once we arrive at our destination, but to avoid unpleasant surprises and additional costs, we first check the hidden clauses of an apartment or a holiday home when booking with Airbnb.

What is meant by hidden clauses? On Airbnb every landlord chooses the rules of the rental house that his guests must respect. These may include additional charges for particular services, such as a swimming pool, gym, sauna and so on. But there may also be daily deposits to be delivered on arrival and which will be returned to us before departure if we have not damaged anything. While in some cities it is necessary to leave the tourist tax money in contact on arrival or departureprovided by the Municipality. In other cases, however, you may be forced to pay additional costs for the Internet connection or for having lost your house keys and other mishaps that may happen on the road.

Check out the neighborhood
Fake ads can also be found on Airbnb, created by cyber criminals to steal our money. It must be said that Airbnb has an editorial staff dedicated to identifying the false ads and eliminating them, but it can still happen to come across one of these. To understand that it is a fake apartment we look at the photos, if they seem to be taken from a hotel portal or from a travel site we avoid booking the holiday home . If the apartment that is proposed to us is an attic in a large building but we note that the neighborhood is actually residential and has only terraced houses, it is likely that they are trying to deceive us.